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In April, The Surgical Company Connected Care organised a Dutch webinar: "How to start wireless trend monitoring in a hospital", where four experts gave a practical account of the implementation and benefits of wireless monitoring.


The Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital (ETZ) and the Albert Schweitzer Hospital (ASZ) explain how wireless trend monitoring can change patient care in the nursing department.  But how does one start with wireless monitoring? The webinar looked at the implementation and benefits of wireless monitoring from the point of view of a CMIO, nurse, doctor, and ward manager.


Margot Verheijen - CMIO, intensivist and chair of the Working Group Vital Endangered Patients, Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital (ETZ)

Ralph So - Intensivist and medical manager Quality Safety Innovation Department, Albert Schweitzer Hospital (ASZ)

Joost Morssinkhof - Organisational Head Lung Medicine, ETZ

Renate Cabaret - Nurse, ASZ


The webinar, in Dutch, can be watched in full below. 

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