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26 November 2019 - News article highlights that more than 17,000 UK NHS hospital beds have been cut from the 144,455 that existed in 2010.

The article in the Guardian states 'The health service in England has cut so many beds in recent years that it has just 127,225 left to cope with the rising demand for care, which will intensify as winter starts to bite.'

'Dr Sue Crosland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said the loss of beds made it harder for hospital staff to provide proper care.

“Bed reduction and fast turnover is a major risk to patients across the NHS, with hospital-acquired infection rates increased by over-occupancy and quick turnarounds,” she said.

“When bed occupancy is very high the chain of movement becomes jammed, like a motorway with lots of traffic.

“This leads to a reduction in the quality of overall care and results in compromises such as cleaning spaces between patients and increased risk of emergency readmission.”

Sensium remains committed to addressing these challenges through early detection of deterioration.

Read research showing that use of the Sensium system can lead to a reduce in length of stay and readmit rate, freeing up bed capacity.

The full article can be found here - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/25/hospital-beds-at-record-low-in-england-as-nhs-struggles-with-demand


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