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20 February 2020 - Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam, the Netherlands has gone live with the use of the Sensium system.

Translated from an article on the Ikazia website.

On Wednesday, February 19, the Rotterdam Ikazia Hospital started using Sensium Biosensor, better known as the 'smart plaster'. In this patch, which is stuck to a patient, there are sensors that measure the respiration, heart rate and body temperature. Nurses then read this data from a smartphone.

Remote monitoring

By using smart plasters, patients are less often disturbed for all kinds of checks. This is pleasant for the patient and it saves the nurses a lot of time they had previously spent on check-ups. 

Another big advantage is that possible problems can be detected earlier by continuous monitoring.

Information via smartphone

Mrs. Nalan Ilhon-Kamiş is one of the first patients in the Ikazia Hospital who received a Sensium Biosensor. 

“After an operation, I was closely monitored. By using the smart patch I did not have to be woken up for checks. The nurses received that information on their smartphones. The information is transmitted wirelessly, so I was not tied to wires and machines. I slept wonderfully because of this. ”


Patient-friendly and user-friendly

Nurse Rianne Hokke: “We have only just started using Sensium Biosensor, but I am already enthusiastic. It is patient-friendly and the system is user-friendly and time-saving for the nurses. I expect that we will often use the smart plaster. "

Sensium staff celebrate successful installation and training

Lucien van den Berge, Sales and Technical Development Manager in the Netherlands summarized : '‘Yesterday Ikazia officially started "wireless vitals" in the nursing ward with Eline Kramer Stephanie Kiers, Anja Bakhuisen.

Ikazia are using the Sensium Biosensor "smart patch" to detect patient deterioration earlier and bring nurses the right bed earlier 24/7. The nurses have the Sensium app available on the mobile device and thus direct insight into notifications and trends of the different patients. Cecilia Hofmann takes care of the training courses, and the use of Sensium in the department.

Did you know that studies have shown that use of Sensium sensor technology can allow you to reduce patient length of stay and readmission? So too few beds or lack of nurses, we have a solution.

Ikazia’s use of Sensium was further made possible by Roos van Jannes, Aman Laura Scholte, Ido de Boer, Annemarie Stukart, Gideon Groenenberg, Rudolf Rooij, Nike Hanneman Bemmel, Ad de Snaijer, Coen van 't Hof, John Breure and many others.''



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