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11th September 2018 – SENSIUM, global pioneers in Wireless Patient Deterioration Detection, discuss the Sensium technology with their Medical Advisory Board who presented at the Patient Safety Congress 2018.

The SENSIUM Medical Advisory Board and Senior Management discuss exciting developments with the Sensium technology at the Patient Safety Congress 2018.

Special thanks to the following speakers:

Professor Benedikt Preckel, Professor of Anaesthesiology

Dr John Goldstone, Chief Intensivist

Dr Alison Burdett, Sensium, Chief Scientific Officer

Chad Bateman, Sensium, Chief Executive Officer


Benedikt Preckel is Professor of Anaesthesia at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, Location Academic Medical Center (AMC). The AMC is one of the leading Academic and Research Centres of Excellence in The Netherlands. Prof Preckel’s research interests in perioperative patient safety led him to search for a solution to the problem of undetected patient deterioration. 

Dr John Goldstone is currently the Chief Intensivist at University College London Hospitals NHS trust as well as the Chief Intensivist at both King Edward VII’s Hospital and The London Clinic in the private sector. Dr Goldstone was appointed as a Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant in 1991 and was based at the Middlesex Hospital. Over the next five years, he established the foundations for the Centre for Anaesthesia at UCL.

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