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16 January 2020 - A new publication in the Lancet medical journal has concluded that there were 48.9m sepsis cases worldwide and 11m deaths in 2017. This equates to just under a fifth (19.7%) of all global deaths that year, twice as high as previously thought.

Researchers from the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle have published these estimates based on analysis of data in the Global Burden of Disease study.

The study used data from 109 million individual death records to calculate mortality related to sepsis among each of the 282 underlying causes of death in GBD 2017.

Dr Ron Daniels, Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, said the study “cements sepsis as one of our biggest healthcare entities that we need to deal with, claiming one in five lives around the world. There were 195 countries studied, 10 had data good enough to study in depth and the UK wasn’t among them … we would reinforce the call for better use of data, better understanding of the condition.’’

Sepsis is a key focus of SENSIUM with research finding that use of Sensium led to treatment of Sepsis 6 hours quicker than the standard of care1. More about SENSIUM's campaign to prevent hospital-acquired sepsis can be found at www.hospitalacquiredsepsis.co.uk.

The full Lancet publication can be found here.  


1. https://www.sensium.co.uk/publications/2018-continuous-versus-intermittent-vital-signs-monitoring-in-patients-admitted-to-surgical-wards-a-cluster-randomised-controlled-trial/


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