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31 January 2020 - This week is e-health week in the Netherlands, where hospitals showcase the latest technology that they are deploying. 

Members of Sensium's clinical team, Cecilia Hofmann and Alexandra Honour were at Ikazia showcasing how Sensium is being used in Ikazia as part of e-health week!

An article on Ikazia's website summarizes: 

Monitor vital functions with smart plasters

Can you prevent people from getting sicker with a patch? At Ikazia they think so. In the nursing ward, a pilot is running with Sensium, a smart, wireless patch that measures vital signs of patients every two minutes. The nurses automatically receive a notification when changes in vital functions occur. The nursing staff thus get a clearer overall picture of the patient's condition and can adjust faster if necessary, in consultation with the treating physician.

The full article can be found here

Meanwhile another Sensium representative, Lucien van den Berge, was at Bernhoven Hospital, Uden, showing Sensium for their e-health week.



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