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2nd April 2018 - Agreement will see the Sensium system deployed as standard of care throughout the whole hospital.

King Edward VII hospital are delighted to announce the signing of a partnership agreement with SENSIUM. This agreement will see the Sensium system deployed as standard of care throughout the whole hospital.


Sensium is a discreet, wearable, wireless patient monitoring system that records heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature every two minutes.


Mobilising patients is central to faster recovery and reducing complications. The patch worn by the patient is lightweight, comfortable and sends information wirelessly allowing the patient to move freely around the hospital all the while their vital signs are being monitored. 


Of course nothing can replace the hands-on patient care our nurses provide. Sensium allows the clinical team to prioritise care to where it is needed most and each patient can rest assured knowing they are being monitored even when the nurse is not with them. If something goes wrong a notification will be sent immediately to a mobile device held by the nurse and escalated as required. This ensures that the team are notified of any changes to the patient’s condition as quickly as possible and respond with the appropriate care.


The use of technology such as this will help ensure that King Edward VII remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to be regarded as one of the safest hospitals in the UK.


Lindsey Condron, CEO of King Edward VII, said this about why this type of innovation is so important for the hospital;


“Patient care is at the heart of everything we do. The introduction of technology such as Sensium demonstrates the Hospital’s commitment to the safety of our patients. We look forward to developing the product further with SENSIUM.”


Chad Bateman, SENSIUM CEO, had this to say about the partnership agreement;


“We are delighted to be working so closely with such a prestigious hospital to reinforce their position as one of the safest Hospitals in the UK. Their reputation for excellence is recognised the world over and this is borne out by the calibre of clinicians who practice here. The benefits for Sensium in this partnership approach will be significant and we look forward to refining numerous new products and services with the team at King Edward VII.”

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