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16 April 2020 – St. Antonius Hospital in Utrecht, the Netherlands has gone live with the use of Sensium. Sensium provides “Extra sense of safety for corona patients and nurses”, they stated on their website.

Translated from an article on the St. Antonius website:

Early April, St. Antonius Hospital started using Sensium 'smart plasters', with which the heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature of corona patients can be measured remotely.

The plaster is applied by the nurse and the patient details are entered with the barcode scanner. The data can then be read out on a mobile medical device. This way, the nurse always has this data at hand. We are the first hospital in our region to use these smart plasters.

Measurement every 2 minutes

A measurement is taken every 2 minutes and trends can be used to identify any deterioration of the patient at an early stage. The system also issues an alert when the pre-set limits are exceeded. The plaster can remain in place for 5 days.

Positive reactions

The first reactions to the smart plaster are very positive. It is a safe feeling for both the nurses and the patient to know that there is a continuous measurement of the vital functions. Especially since the patients are not always in sight of the nurses. "The measurements are also the same as those I take with my own equipment, which means I can rely on them," says one of the nurses.

Particularly with Corona patients, this smart plaster is of added value because it prevents unnecessary contact moments with the infected patient and leaves more time for other care.

Collaboration of different departments

Even before the corona virus broke out, the idea had arisen to do a pilot with these ‘smart plasters’. The necessary preparations had already been made to be able to start this. When the corona outbreak occurred, the nurses, together with various support departments, worked very hard to get the system working faster. A fine example of enthusiasm and cooperation in times of corona!

St. Antonius staff celebrating after going live (Photo: St. Antonius)












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