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29th April 2021 - A study on more than 450 patients showed that the Sensium patch was comfortable and improved their sense of safety. Patients also felt that the use of a wearable monitoring system would relieve pressure on health care staff, and is seen as a positive evolution of healthcare technology, with patients said to be likely to wear the sensor while at home.

The paper, published in the JMIR Perioperative Medicine, aimed to explore patient experiences with wearable sensors. 85.4% of the patients agreed that the Sensium patch was comfortable, one patient stating that  "From about five minutes after it was on, I completely forgot it was there". 85.8% would wear the Sensium patch again and 79.6% would wear it at home. 

The researchers also conducted in-depth interviews with a smaller group of patients who commented on a variety of subjects such as the impact on nursing staff, reassurance and safety. "I felt like there was a second safety blanket around me, almost, and that I was constantly in amongst the nurses. I appreciate that the nurses do their obs as frequently as they can, but they’re very busy. So, for this to be on constantly, it’s reassuring", said one patient. Sensium was also said to be reassuring at night when there are fewer observations.

The patients also identified the possibilities for home use. "I think it would be brilliant if we can extend early developments into the home environment,” as technology developments such as Sensium could help “flagging dangerous symptoms.”

A summary of the publication and link to full release can be found here.



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