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17th June 2019 - VieCuri Hospital in the Netherlands showcases Sensium at latest technology conference

Translated from the orginal Dutch article in De Limburger:

It is not a question of whether, but how fast digital technologies can improve healthcare and at the same time alleviate staff shortages. VieCuri Hospital in the Netherlands, held a conference on Wednesday featuring the latest medical technologies.

Featuring at the conference was the Sensium digital 'patch'. The technology measures important vital signs such as temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate every two minutes and forwards them to an app that is managed by a nurse. Patients in the acute admission ward at VieCuri hospital in Venlo will soon get to experience the Sensium patch.

‘‘It is a biosensor’’, says Lucien van den Berge of the Sensium company, which puts the application on the market. "It saves on staff deployment and it makes nursing staff aware faster if a patient is deteriorating."




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