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D. McDonagh; O. Eljamaly; A. J. Burdett 
2007 4th IEEE/EMBS International Summer School and Symposium on Medical Devices and Biosensors; 2007; pp.147 - 150 


In this paper, a 1 V DeltaSigma-ADC for bioelectric data acquisition is presented. Low power consumption is the major requirement in this design. Both the biquad low pass filter and the delta-sigma modulator are designed using switched-capacitors & switched-opamps. The low pass filter is used to limit the signal bandwidth to 100 Hz. The modulator is a 3rd order 1-bit topology. The sampling frequency and OSR are 32 kHz and 64 respectively. The digital filter is multi-stage & multi-rate to reduce power consumption. These circuits are a sub-part of a system-on-chip (SoC) for wireless body area sensor networks called the Sensiumtrade. The total area of the circuits is ~0.38 mm2. The ADC achieves 58 dB dynamic range (ENOB~9.6 bits) and consumes 14 uW of power.


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