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Alan Chi Wai Wong; Ganesh Kathiresan; Chung Kei Thomas Chan; Omar Eljamaly; Okundu Omeni; Declan McDonagh; Alison J. Burdett; Christofer Toumazou 
IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits; 2008; Volume: 43(7), pp.1511 - 1521 


This paper presents a 1 V RF transceiver for biotelemetry and wireless body sensor network (WBSN) applications, realized as part of an ultra low power system-on-chip (SoC), the Sensium. The transceiver utilizes FSK/GFSK modulation at a data rate of 50 kbit/s to provide wireless connectivity between target sensor nodes and a central base-station node in a single-hop star network topology operating in the 862-870 MHz European short-range-device (SRD) and the 902-928 MHz North American Industrial, Scientific & Medical (ISM) frequency bands. Controlled by a proprietary media access controller (MAC) which is hardware implemented on chip, the transceiver operates half-duplex, achieving -102 dBm receiver input sensitivity (for 1E-3 raw bit error rate) and up to -7 dBm transmitter output power through a single antenna port. It consumes 2.1 mA during receive and up to 2.6 mA during transmit from a 0.9 to 1.5 V supply. It is fabricated in a 0.13 mum CMOS technology and occupies 7 mm2 in a SoC die size of 4 times 4 mm2.


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