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A. C. W. Wong; D. McDonagh; O. Omeni; C. Nunn; M. Hernandez-Silveira; A. J. Burdett 
2009 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society; 2009; pp. 6576 - 6579 


This paper describes the Sensium system-on-chip for wireless body sensor networks, which integrates a transceiver, hardware MAC protocol, microprocessor, IO peripherals, memories, ADC and custom sensor interfaces.  As well as addressing design challenges, this paper also discusses applications of this technology to body worn monitoring for real-time measurement of ECG, heart rate, physical activity, respiration and/or skin temperature. Two application challenges are described; the real-time measurement of energy expenditure using the LifePebble, and the development challenges surrounding the ‘Digital Patch’.


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