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M. Hernandez-Silveira; S. Ang; A. Burdett 
Chapter 20 in Novel Advances in Microsystems Technologies and Their Applications; Part V Ultra Low Power Biomedical Systems; Editors L.A. Francis, K. Iniewski; CRC Press; July 2017; pp.463 -496


This chapter provides an overview of the Sensium technology health-care platform, with an emphasis on the development, evaluation, optimization and implementation of embedded biomedical algorithms suitable for body-worn devices.  The engineering process leading to the ultimate incorporation of these algorithms into microchips is described, and trade-offs faced when implementing the software within limited hardware resources, without compromising the performance in terms of accuracy and reliability of the information, are discussed.  In summary, this chapter provides an explanation of our methodology towards implementation of ultralow-power health-care platforms, focusing on the low power microchips and embedded software components.


Copyright CRC Press

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