The Sensium Clinical Research Program encourages investigators, organizations and industry to pursue original clinical research demonstrating the benefits of continuous wireless monitoring and early detection of patient deterioration.

Sensium is an innovation-driven company comprising scientists, engineers, clinicians and business professionals dedicated to improving patient care through the development of digital healthcare technologies.  We passionately believe in the benefits of early detection of patient deterioration for general care patients who do not currently have the safety and security of continuous wireless vital sign monitoring.  We understand the importance of evidence-based healthcare and are keen to partner with clinical researchers who share our ambitious view for healthcare in the 21st century.

Any investigators requesting research support from Sensium will serve as the sponsor of the proposed study.  They will be expected to undertake sponsorship responsibilities including:

Sensium may support eligible studies by:

For further information, please download details of the Sensium Clinical Research Program.

Proposals for research should be submitted by downloading the Sensium Research Proposal Form and emailing the completed form to